What are the architectural principles?

What are the architectural principles?

Architecture art is the design and construction of the building. Architectural projects start with pencil lines. It can be said that drawing these lines is the basis of architectural design. There are two principles for architectural designs:

Follow the function of the form

Follow the form of the function

These two principles play an important role in designing and architecture mapping . Each architect must abandon one of these two principles, or both, to make a successful design .

Follow the function of the form
Follow the function of the form is a basic principle which classical architects work with it. It is also used in government buildings. The concept is that the product is designed according to its function and needs, and the designer does not pay particular attention to the shape and form of the basic designs.

Follow the form of the function
Follow the form of function means that something is produced that its form has it is proper function. Think about your ears! If you look at it, you will find that they are very ugly, but their shape is exactly designed to catch the sound waves, like a funnel, guides them into your head. This is an objective example of the principle of following the form of the function.

Architects have led our society to progress over time. They are struggling to protect people’s lives from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms.The environment can be changed compeletly with the help of architects designs.

Architectural design components
Design principles control the relationships between the elements used in the design and create a generic combination. Some designer are successfull that use rules and elements that meet both visual goals and performance. There is no law for this, and everything depends on the creativity of the architect . Designers goal is to decide what to do about elements of coordination. And again this is the creativity of the architects who can achieve this goal.

The principles of architectural design include:

– Unity

– coordination

– Repeatability (having a rhythm and pattern)

– Variety

– emphasis (having a pivot point)

– Balance

– Scale

– Function

– Proximity

– Coordination of accessories

– lighting

And many more

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