Interior Design and Space Selection Tips

Interior Design and Space Selection Tips

Design of interior decoration in modern style
The “modern” decoration has gone from the past and is trying not to follow its rules. It is easy to decorate and it often comes with a complex, uncomplicated image.

This design is very suitable for small spaces and helps them to look bigger.
Of minimal textures and designs for modern style, it does not have a variety of designs and colors.
Furniture and appliances are used in the kite mode and can avoid large decorations. A simple appearance without its details is always taken into consideration.
Colors are either used naturally, or you can only view a range of neutral colors in a space designed in modern style.
Modern style design never favors symmetry and always creates the necessary balance in the space between furniture, fixtures, texture and design.
Design of contemporary interior decoration
“Contemporary” decoration is what is now being produced, which at the same time does not follow any written law and does not fit in any style or style even in the modernist style. Consequently, contemporary decoration is pluralistic and at the same time takes a look at the future.

In the design of contemporary decoration, shapes and colors are used in raw form, but their color is often chosen boldly, it is clear and attracts the attention of every visitor. In general, use everything in a simple, unobtrusive, elemental, and structural way.
The attention to the background that incorporates the elements of contemporary interior decorations is one of the points to be considered. Empty space, on the walls, between the furniture and above the upper parts, is as important as spaces filled with appliances.
With a general look, straight lines should be clear and clear. In some of these straight lines, they are curved and give a variety of environments.
In contemporary interior design, furniture and fixtures have a unique appearance and create a special atmosphere. It is possible to combine the furniture with the natural and artistic appearance and appearance together.
Design of traditional interior decoration
This style brings comfort and relaxation to the home and keeps it away from chaos. The design of traditional style decoration inspires a sense of stability, giving attention to detail and providing a pleasant atmosphere.

Furniture used in this style is often rebuilt. Hand-drawn to their heads and ready for use again.
The furniture and furniture are in pairs and symmetrically in space. Their edges are soft and curved, and they are usually patterned and full of characters.
The designs and colors of the fabrics used in these furniture and curtains are neutral and not very visible.
Interior decoration design in industrial style
The industrial style is rooted in large buildings. Like: warehouses, niches and factories. So it’s natural that an open and free map is an important part of such a style. Each room is used for several purposes, such as a kitchen, dining room and living room

If a material that is always present in the industrial style is metal. The use of industrial mixes such as iron, rods and rocks in this style is very common.
The industrial style has a state of affairs that involves emotion and can be implemented as efficiently as possible with simple materials. This style is unbelievably simple and therefore stylish.
An industrial room does not leave anything to imagine. Usually in such a room, the infrastructure is quite visible, and even internal structures and skeletons of the building can be seen.
In this style, objects and devices that appear to be ineffective will regain color and become an applied element. In this style, wooden boxes are converted to the table, old metal wardrobes are used for storage, and old ladders find the role of a shelf.
Design of classic interior decoration
It can be said that the classical style is the same traditional western style that has come to some degree in the contemporary age. The classic design is pleasant and appealing, and it’s a reminiscent of beautiful and luxuriously picturesque 18th and 19th centuries that reminds us of the warmth and comfort of our children’s homes.

The furniture is usually wood and dark in color. The wood is mainly carved and hand crafted on it.
In this type of decoration, each device has its own place and there is no trace of clutter and crowds. Visually gives the viewer a special order and symmetry.
Components and equipment are consistent with each other and the overall layout is stable and stable. Components and equipment are consistent with each other and the overall layout is stable and stable.
The fabrics are not very shiny, not so opaque. The design of robes and curtains is usually luxurious, with simple, often neutral colors, with symmetrical designs.
Classic furniture and furniture are more valuable and expensive than traditional furniture. Tools are often made of china, silver and glass. In them there are designs of motifs in nature.

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